HOSPITALITY - We take care of your guests, just as you would at home. The 'infamous’ joys of Guest List Management & Invitation Management & Wedding Website, Airport, Hotel & Event coordination too. Everything than can be thought of & even those 'Why Now?' needs! It's Elementary. Really.

ENTERTAINMENT - Everyone wishes for a wedding ceremony which differs from the rest and stands out on its own. While you are occupied, you must remember your guests need to be entertained as well. At Wingscraft Entertainment, we can make this happen and never allow for a dull moment. 

DECOR - A wedding is a visual spectacle rife with enchanting display of colours and lights. From floral installations to lighting, from stage setup to the mandap decor. Sourcing and handcrafting unique elements, finding the very best suppliers and briefing them on execution your concept. You name it, we do it.

FOOD & BEVERAGE - Weddings are synonymous with culinary feasts = A happy guest is a well-fed guest = All taste buds deserve the royal treatment! We cracked this code a long time ago. The Gourmand in you deserves 'Legendary' status.

INVITE & RSVP - It all starts with mapping the Guest-List and extending a formal invite. All warmth and elegance embellished with personal flourishes. We hold your hand and walk you through with baby steps, so that your guests know You (really do) care!

DESTINATIONS - No venue is perfect enough - if it's not perfect for you. Stretch your imagination then, leave the rest to us. Hotels, palaces, beach resorts, auditoriums, stadiums, yachts, concert halls, piazzas - heck, even the concorde museum.. you name it - we've left our mark there! After all, for it to count, you give it your best!

 TRANSPORT + LOGISTICS - Getting people and things to move from point a to point z can be easy. Getting this done swiftly, comfortably & efficiently should be as easy too! Easier said than done? Not with us. We plan the living daylights out of it. Make your guests notice - and appreciate the deft touches throughout. That's just the (only) way we think.

CREATIVES & GIFTING - Reaching out to your guests with innovative literature & take-aways is key.We fit the out-of-the-box into a one-of-its-kind box. With bells & whistles and all things fine.One first impression make it last. Wow your guests with your impeccable sense of detail.

CEREMONIES & ANCILLARY SERVICES - The backbone. The infrastructure. The must-have's. The event essentials. From the asinine to the divine Pandits / Videographers / Sound & Light / Permissions the checklists never end. Turn to us. We live for it. So you don't have to tear your hair out!