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Your wedding is a work of Art, All art is design. Keep it tight.

'Our' company is founded on 'You'

We opened doors in 1988. We're well seasoned though with over decades of collective experience.

Wedding Events

A good wedding with a great wedding planner always refreshes your memories. All those moments you have shared with everybody and that yet another longing for one more wedding to enjoy the moments once again. Great Weddings is What we do at WingsCraft Entertainment.

Pre-wedding Events

Congratulations! You and your fiancé are officially on your way to your happily ever after. And while your big day may seem like the only important event for you, your friends and family are eager to share in the wedding festivities by hosting you showers, sangeet, parties, haldi and more.


We make your special day more memorable with our entries. Be it floral chaddar or Pyros, Aerial varmala or Grand reception entry on prop, be it big or be it small, we got it all.

Wedding Planning, Decor and Destination Wedding

Why WingsCraft ?

As you begin your journey of marriage, we, at WingsCraft, ensure that we transform your imagination of a dream wedding into a spectacular celebration. Orchestrating every detail with finesse, we craft an astounding wedding of your choice – extravagant or intimate, royal or traditional, you think of it and we make it happen. WingsCraft leaves no stone unturned, from fixing venues to extraordinary entries in order to curate a remarkable wedding experience!



Our History's

In 1988, Our Big Boss aka Pankaj Thakkar started with a big dream to cater wedding and social events with small services that enchanced a event. After 34 years of hard work, the company began to form into what it is today.

  • 2014 – WingsCraft Entertainment We finally decided to take a step ahead into the future with brand new concepts and a new name. A full fledge wedding planning service. Right from RSVP to Thank you we have it all.
  • 1995 – Radhika Events Took the reins and upgraded ourselves with the arsenal up our sleeves aka Deep Thakkar was titled with The King of Entries in 2013. Be it floral chaddar or Pyros, Aerial varmala or Grand reception entry on prop , be it big or be it small , we got it all.
  • 1989 – Radhika Disneyland Services Word flew in the market and soon our hardwork was doing all the marketing we needed. From Chaniya Maniya to AirPool you name it we have it.
  • 1988 – Radhika Services Started small with a clear vision to get into the market with our unmatched communication and coordination with agencies.

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Hiee Deep You are an amazing person and you did an amazing work! Whole of our family and guests were surprised by your management! We are happy that we trusted you! Also, your team is too good! We have seen event management teams but nothing as your team!

Yash Tater

Hey Deep! Wanted to personally thank you. Hope you got my thank you card. Appreciate all the efforts you and your team did to make our event a success Cheers

Miti Jain

Hello Wingscraft team, Would really love to appreciate the amazing way the events, people and even some circumstances were handled by your team in all the 3 days functions we had with ever smiling face and care for the guests. The management was superb and we really loved every function and the way it was handled You really made it your event with us as the guests. You guys rock Wingscraft team!!!

Sahil Kashyab


Knots Tied

Proactive Gang



Years Of Experience

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Proactive Gang

Pankaj Thakkar

The Bigg Boss

One of the biggest pioneer in the wedding industry the man who laid the foundation stone of the company in 1988. Pankaj Thakkar aka the “BIGG BOSS” is the backbone of WINGSCRAFT Entertainment. He is the driving force of the company , his unmatched experience and knowledge in the wedding industry has helped the company to soar high and reach zenith.

Deep Thakkar

The Rohit Shetty

The “Entry Specialist” he is rightly known as the Rohit Shetty of wedding industry. His experienced hands allow us to experiment and bring innovations to the weddings. The one who brings all the plans to action and dreams to reality. His warm personality makes the client feel at home. He is known for his creative ideas and executing most challenging events with ease.

Tanvi Thakkar

The Wonder Women

Our Boss Lady , from finances to the execution of the final showdown, there is nothing that she can’t do. She is the X- Factor that makes us one of a kind in the industry. What makes her an invaluable asset in the industry of events is her organizational skills and a sharp eye for design that is driven by a calm approach.

Saman Khanam

The Right Attitude

Passionate & driven soul with the vision of bringing every dream of the client into reality. She knows what she brings to the table with her communication, leadership and never give up attitude. Ensures clients are happy and event is runned flawlessly.

Harshit Shah

The Perfectionist

Mr. Perfectionist aka Harshit shah who is known for his attention to detail. He is the man with the attitude of getting things done right. His motto is “Speak less and deliver more”. He is the one who strives for or demands excellence in his work.

Aryan Gehlot

The Fireball

A supremely energetic, motivated event professional who manages production. Highly resourceful with proven history of tackling complex project with superior results. He is ambitious and experienced professional with strong communication, leadership.

Dristy Jain

The Analyst

An event professional with a passion for creating exceptional experiences. As an integral part of WingsCraft Entertainment team, She specializes in research and presentation design. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for innovation.

Dhrumil Parmar

The Jack of all Trades

Call him trouble shooter , problem fixer or all rounder. His expertise lies in quick fixes of problems. He is our go-to guy for 'Set-Up & Ops'; he lion-tames every challenge down to its knees! Our “ONE-STOP” guy who come up with creative solutions. With his years of experience in the wedding industry we rely on him blindly .

Metri Jain

Curls and Confetti

From managing inventories and timelines to coordinating vendors and overseeing on-site operations. She will work closely with you to comprehend your objectives. She believe that true success lies in the smiles, laughter, and shared moments of joy that fill the room with cherished memories.

Ritu Sharma

RSVP Queen

Our RSVP Queen, a multi-tasker with an unmatched memory, she can remember the names of each guest, their relation with the couple and any requests that they may have made! With Ritu helming the communication, no guest will have a reason to complain.

Jishan Bale

The Powerhouse

The Mitochondria of WINGSCRAFT. A hardworking guy and a multitasker who completes all his work, be it day be it night with equal enthusiasm.He is someone whom you can trust to have a handle on everything. He is known for his witty humour and lightens up the mood of his surrounding.

Vidhi Shah

Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka

Be it leading the event or co-ordinating with the clients , this Chhota packet always nails the event with bada dhamaka. Young girl with big dreams. She works closely with the couple and their families through the entire planning process to ensure that all their visions translate into reality in the best possible way.

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