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While it’s true that creating a perfect wedding hashtag is no cake walk, there are some couples who literally turned masters at it and impressed us with their wit. So much so, that we had to put it across for you to take some lessons and get over that regular #TanuwedsManu jazz! Skim through these super witty and quirky wedding hashtags and tell us which one did you like the most!

1) #RishTiwish

Starting our list with this oh-so-adorable couple. The idea behind their wedding hashtag is an amalgamation of both their names Rishab and Tina which lead to #RishTiwish

2) #AK77

What we call when the couple is always together in hindi saath saath. Under the impression, Anisha & Krish to be always together. Hence, #AK77

3) #ShayKin

We absolutely love this  one, for it's sheer quirkiness. The groom (Akshay) and the bride (Kinjal) clubbed their names to make this fun hashtag for their D-day. 

4) #UshDeskaNilay

This US couple Ushma and Nilay very smartly framed their wedding hashtag, leaving the reader with a question and a wide smile, each time they read it!

5) #JinaTereNaal

Here's another groom and bride who used parts of their names ('Jin' and 'Nal') and further used prefixes and suffixes to turn it into a fun and meaningful wedding hashtag!

6) #KRitiksChoice

A trial was held at Shatrunjay Court where the jury sat down and shortlist the hashtags, after hours of discussion and brainstorming the judge (groom’s father) gave his final verdict “#KRitiksChoice”

7) #YashKaChaand

Giving a fun twist to their wedding hashtag yet keeping it sweet, Yashika and Chandresh used initial parts of their names ('Yashika' and 'Chand')

8) #TheNautankiWedding

9) #DoctorGotWhiskedAway

The idea behind this couple's wedding hashtag is the fact that the bride is a baker and the groom is a doctor.

10) #TheSohniJodi

When the groom's name is Sohil and the bride's name is Saloni. Add a tad bit of fun and the wedding hashtag is ready!

Ushma & Nilay’s Blog

Bride’s Name : Ushma Desai

I grew up in Mumbai and moved to New York in 2011. I have a background in medicine but decided it did not align with my interests. Currently, I work as a Technology consultant in North Carolina. I have explored around 27 countries so far. Kickboxing, dancing, and biking are some of the other interests outside work that I enjoy as well.

Groom’s Name : Nilay Parikh

I am a wanderer. At any given time, you can find me either walking or biking around Chicago with my headphones on listening to podcasts or music to trekking around the world with my friends. I love exploring new restaurants, and museums, seeing sites, watching movies, going to concerts, etc. The only thing more important to me than exploring the world is my family and friends.

Hashtag : #UshDesKaNilay

Date : 2nd – 3rd January, 2023

Venue : Mirasol Resort, Daman, India

How did Couple meet?

We connected in January 2021 through a matchmaker. Our first few meetings were all about hiking, jokes, and way too much coffee. "Nilay's endless jokes and the three long dates watching sunrises, and sunsets, drinking loads of coffees, and eating Thai food was the ice breaker for us to connect," says Ushma. "Ushma's willingness to go out of her comfort zone when we went hiking and early morning drive for 2.5 hours to see the sunrise and her caring nature impressed me," says Nilay. As a couple, we have been together for over a year now.

Both of us are Gujarati and Gujarati Weddings are a bouquet of colorful traditions & customs. From pre-wedding rituals to post-wedding functions, you will never have a dull moment when you're attending a typical Gujarati wedding. It can also be described as a series of playful games built into the customs to make the wedding much more exciting.


Just a day before the wedding. The bride and the groom are seated on a low seat called Bajat, and a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, rosewater, and herbs is applied to their faces and palms. The Pithi is traditionally prepared by the bride/groom's paternal uncle's wife (Kaki). Once the Pithi is applied, the bride/groom is given a holy bath.


Sangeet is a fun-filled musical evening that almost awaits at a Gujarati wedding! A Sangeet Sandhya is the first occasion where both families get the opportunity to get to know each other and break the ice through music and dancing. The night will include performances from close family, friends, bride, and groom, along with traditional Gujarati Garba Raas. So, please bring your best dance shoes and moves :)


Mamoru/Mosalu in a Gujarati wedding is a tradition quite similar to a Mahira Dastoor in a Marwari wedding. The bride's maternal uncle (Mama) and her maternal aunt's husband (Mousa) visit the bride's home a day before the wedding. 

Both the Baarat


In Mangal Pheras the couple takes four circles around the holy fire while chanting mantras depicting oaths to be with each other throughout their lives. The four pheras each signify "Dharma", "Artha", "Kama" and "Moksha" respectively, and are the four pillars of a happy married life. After every round, the brother of the bride hands them puffed rice to be offered to sacred fire 

Unplugged Night

Chill night of live music band after the wedding to congratulate the newly wedded couple.

Couple Reviews

Glamorous GOA Wedding Blog

Goa sure seems to be extremely popular for destination weddings, and here is another exciting Goa wedding that fell into our radar. The wedding was fun and full of laughter, just how a modern wedding should be! With an inflight love story, some fun-filled photos and a lot of glam outfits, this Goa wedding definitely has some ideas that you can take inspiration from!

P.S. Do not miss the bride's breezy lehenga, which was great for a transition from the wedding.

Tina & Rishabh


“The most glamorous couple of the hour”



Sajjan Ghot



Saaya Wedding Dates

With intimate and small weddings really picking up in the post pandemic world, weddings that take lesser planning have really gained popularity. While of course, there's nothing wrong in having your wedding date, venue, moodboard, looks everything planned a year in advance- each to their own! If you're wondering which are the auspicious dates in 2023 to have your wedding, intimate wedding, court wedding, or whatever scale of wedding to choose from, then here is a list of the best dates put together in one post for you- according to the Hindu calendar.

* For the lovers of winter weddings and who have your velvet and silk outfits with full-sleeve blouse designs to go January is the best time for you to get hitched. Here are some marriage dates for January….

15th January 2023 (Sunday),

18th January 2023 (Wednesday),

20th January 2023 (Friday),

25th January 2023 (Wednesday),

26th January 2023 (Thursday),

27th January 2023 (Friday)

30th January 2023 (Monday).

* February is one of the favourite months for couples as it’s Valentine’s month which makes it a time full of love and joy. Beginning from Rose Day and Promise Day to the 14th of February, people all over the world celebrate love in the month of February. Here are the auspicious marriage dates…

6th February 2023 (Monday),

7th February 2023 (Tuesday),

9th February 2023 (Thursday),

10th February 2023 (Friday),

12th February 2023 (Sunday),

13th February 2023 (Monday),

14th February 2023 (Tuesday),

16th February 2023 (Thursday),

22nd February 2023 (Wednesday),

23rd February 2023 (Thursday),

27th February 2023 (Monday)

28th February 2023 (Tuesday).

* The month of March is noted for offering one of the best weather. It’s neither too nor too hot which makes it a perfect month to tie the knot. So if you are looking for tying the knot in an outdoor venue then March is your month. Here are some of the auspicious marriage dates…

6th March 2023 (Monday),

9th March 2023 (Thursday),

11th March 2023 (Saturday)

13th March 2023 (Monday).

* April is mostly a promising month to get married but with only two Saya dates this year the Vivah Muhurats are scarce this time. Those two dates are

23rd April 2023 (Sunday)

30th  April 2023 (Sunday).

* Compensating for the lack of Saya dates in the month of April, the month of May comes with a lot of Saya dates. With so many dates in May month calls for bigger celebrations. Here is the Saya dates available in the month of May…

6th May 2023 (Saturday),

8th May 2023 (Monday),

9th May 2023 (Tuesday),

10th May 2023 (Wednesday),

11th May 2023 (Thursday),

15th May 2023 (Monday),

16th May 2023 (Tuesday),

20th May 2023 (Saturday),

21st May 2023 (Sunday),

22nd May 2023 (Monday),

29th  May 2023 (Monday)

30th May 2023 (Tuesday).

* Just like the month of May, the month of June also looks promising in 2023 with a good number of Saya dates to mark your new beginnings. Here are the saya dates in June…

1st June 2023 (Thursday),

3rd June 2023 (Saturday),

5th June 2023 (Monday),

6th June 2023 (Tuesday),

7th June 2023 (Wednesday),

11th June 2023 (Sunday),

12th June 2023 (Monday),

23rd June 2023 (Friday)

26th June 2023 (Monday).

* Last year’s July was filled with a good number of wedding dates but this year we just got three dates such as

1st July 2023 (Saturday),

6th July 2023 (Thursday)

14th July 2023 (Friday).

* Unfortunately, August has zilch Saya dates.

* Just like August, September has no Saya dates

* The same goes for October… no Saya dates this month.

* November is probably the most loved month to host a wedding in India, both weather-wise as well as time-wise. There are numerous sacred dates as per the Hindu Calendar that will be perfect to host a grand wedding… Here are the dates…

23rd November 2023 (Thursday),

27th November 2023 (Monday),

28th  November 2023 (Tuesday)

29th November 2023 (Wednesday).

* You can plan a perfect wedding in the beautiful winters of December. All those hot desserts to hog on and beautiful outfits to try on will surely be a delight if you choose to get married in the month of December! Here are the dates…

6th December 2023 (Wednesday),

7th December 2023 (Thursday),

9th December 2023 (Saturday)

15th December 2023 (Friday).

You can choose from the above saya dates to plan for your perfect wedding!

Amazing New Trends 

Lehenga trends are nothing before your varmala entry ideas these days. No matter how trendy you want to be, your varmala entry is the only one that has to be the focus of your pictures. And as we look through reels and reels of images, we notice that they're getting fancier and more stunning so we did and mind our words, they're gonna be so big!

Instagram page all the aerial shots

Cocktail Blog

Nowadays, no couple wants to do anything ordinary at their wedding functions. Case in point — signature wedding cocktails. A relatively newer concept, signature cocktail names are a fun new way to personalise your wedding functions. So, if you too want to customise the cocktail names for your cocktail function’s bar, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram page all the Cocktail videos

The Ultimate List Of Songs For Your Varmala!

*Disclaimer – It May Cause Tears!*

There is a song for every tiny detail at your wedding. A playlist for every mood and every step you take. And so, since we love making playlists - we found one more special moment when the varmala and the saat pheras happen, the moment where it all starts sinking in – it’s happening. Your varmala is usually one of the first rituals that happen in the wedding chronology so the music has to be right. From upbeat songs that you will love to soft romantic ones to set the tone, this playlist has a little bit of everything.

Song list needs to be added

Most Awesome Groom Entry Songs For Your Wedding!

Move over brides, it's time for the grooms to shine! Entries are no longer limited to just bridal entries or couple entries – grooms are having fabulous entries on their own. Upping the drama at entries and baraats, grooms are bringing in josh with their groom squad. And for that we’ve picked up the perfect groom entry songs, baraat songs and even where you can dance with your gang. From the fresh new tracks to the oldies which are still classic for weddings that you can groove to on your wedding day!

Song list needs to be added

The Ultimate Playlist, Best Indian Bridal Entry Songs!

And once you've found that "OMG! I have to do that for my bridal entry", come here and finalise a bridal entry song that is suitable for your grand and magical entry. To help you with the same, we have listed the top bridal entry songs trending now to make this special moment of yours even more beautiful. 

Song list needs to be added

Prachi & Parag


A 3 day wedding celebration between two amazing souls and happening families taking place at the very beautiful, Saya Grand Spa and Resort. It is not just a wedding, it is more like an adventure filled with lots of happiness, love & laugh. Every single person who has participated in this celebration has showered their loving blessings with their presence.

"Two souls one heart"


“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

We often look up to fairytales or movies when trying to fathom what true love looks like. Little do we know that it sometimes exists between two people who have never even met. Our love story is as dreamy it could be whose cosmic stars aligned through their families who arranged their marriage, is one such story. We all Know February is a month of love and magic! I met Parag for the first time on Valentine’s Day we went to a hotel it was dreamy set up there were lights and candles all around. It felt like love was everywhere. Parag was very interested to know about me, we spoke about our interests our past and discussed our future plans with each other! We had great deep conversations that made me feel he's the one. Little did Prachi and Parag know that on February 14th they were going to meet each other and start their journey of Happily Ever After.

Let’s Begin the fun CARNIVAL MEHENDI

Prachi’s pre wedding festivities began with a Mehendi Ceremony. She was seen in a Beautiful Attire smiling and all excited for the most happening Carnival Mehendi. Everyone looked dazzling during the mehendi ceremony. Prachi stunned everyone with a very Mind-blowing entry on ATV bike. The crowd was cheering and hooting for the bride.


Now, Time for fun games and activities. Followed by the Mehendi ceremony there was a beautiful setup of carnival with different games & activities. Everyone was handed over with fake currency to play the games and make the activities interesting.

Everyone enjoyed playing games like hit the hammer, buzz wire, shoot the duck, hoopla. There were activities for ladies like nail arts, lakh di chuddi. A stall which took everyone back in nostalgic school times themed as "Back to school" There was huge gifting counter with 150 gifts and once auction happened people bid for ola scooter & Mahindra XUV 500 as well. It happened to be the most happening Mehendi Carnival ever.

#Dil toh bacha hai ji

Lots of pictures of every activities

“It's time to Groove and show some great moves in the SUNDOWNER PARTY”

Sundowner party was memorable with a special unplugged night with Abhiyangan Das Band followed by Bollywood Tambola. Bride took her mesmerising entry with her parents with sparkles all over. This moment was very magical.

Everyone enjoyed the glimmering Sundowner night with so much of love & laughter, which happened due to Tambola. Funny videos and posters can’t took off the people from laughing aloud. At the end, prices were given for winning the Bollywood Tambola.

#Shaam Mastani

Lots of pictures of every activities

Unforgettable Memories of WHITE WEDDING

Parag and Prachi both are ready for their White Wedding Day. 

White Carpet lady welcomed all the guests with her long carpet on which guests walked through. Groom took his entry with a Hover Board. Parag stunned everyone with his style along with a flash mob and bursting of colour bombs in background.

It was time for the Bride's Entry! Prachi took her entry very elegantly. She was walking along with her beautiful bridesmaids holding bouquets & those funny vows couldn’t let the audience to take their eyes from it. It was a magical entry. Once the bride and groom met there was a wedding contract laid in front of groom to approve all bride's demand.

After the couple exchanged their vows the crowd cheered and there was paper bursts all over.

Lots of pictures of every activities

Its time for MAMERA “MYRA”

Myra function took place with Safa Tying which is a strong tradition. To add authentic vibe to the ceremony there were Nashik Dhols to welcome Mama side with all zeal. Also Prachi’s mom entry was all magical, in white feathers prop, up from the air. Krishna Pandey created a soulful atmosphere with his music in the background, making people to dance offbeat.

Pictures of Prachi’s Mom and entry

Put on your Dancing Shoes “GLITZ & GLAM”


Sangeet function is as good a time as ever to share your beautiful love-tale with your dear ones. Prachi and Parag were all set to create some magic on stage.

The couple entered with a never seen entry before along with LED drummers and dancers. It was a total magical moment when both walked hand in hand. There were lots of special effects happening on stage along with Krishna Pandey live band. The night was filled with power packed performances, love, laughs and magic in the air. A memory for eternity was made that evening.

Lots of pictures of every activities


Prachi & Parag's wedding day shenanigans were never seen before spectacle to be remembered forever. It boasted of phenomenal decorations, beguiling outfits,  boisterous fireworks & soul-stirring rituals. The bride and groom both had their respective baraats. Yes, you read that right! While the bride made a larger-than-life entry on a vintage car with her lovely clan, the groom, on the other hand, started his baraat with a bang in a swanky Sultan Bike, followed by DJ EnCode on his float.

Lots of pictures of every activities

Reel of Varmala as well


Concluding their wedding ceremonies on an equally lavish note, the couple hosted a reception ceremony. It was a grand soiree with over 1000 guests. The interiors of the venue lent this glamorous bash just the right kind of panache and elegance. However, the highlight of this spectacular night was The Huge Golden Elephant entry with the couple was on the top of the elephant. This Bollywood glamorous entry was the ending of the 3 days roller coster.

Lots of pictures of every activities

Reel of Varmala as well


It means so much to us to have you here to celebrate our Marriage. Your Presence means the world. Whether you have been there for us since the day we were born or you came into our lives somewhere along the way, know that you are an important part of our journey. You are our encouragers, supporters, and teachers. We cannot wait to celebrate with you, and hope you enjoy all the fun activities. For the rest of our lives this will be a day that we will fondly look back on, and we are grateful that you will forever be a part of those memories. Thank you for being here and supporting us as we start our new journey of togetherness.